Baby Pink - Baby Bed Protector / Dry sheet

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Tired of changing your baby’s bed covers over and over again?

Those diaper-free moments on your precious mattress need not be that short-lived. Typical waterproof rubber sheets may protect your bed but your baby? It is known to generate heat and cause irritation on their delicate skin.

We understand how you need a simple solution for safeguarding your beddings while making them extremely safe for your tiny baby. This is why we, at Beelittle, have curated a soft and comfy bed protector for your little one.

Your perfect guilt-free spot for minibee’s day naps, long night sleep or short diaper changes is just a sheet away!?

Why Beelittle’s Bed Protectors should be your #1 choice for your baby?

  • Made of premium quality fabric
  • Breathable and soft on the skin
  • Quick absorbing capability
  • Durable waterproof layer
  • Prevents infections

Wash care:

  • Hand wash only
  • Dry flat
  • Do not dry under direct sunlight
  • Hot or Alkali wash is not recommended
Length Width
Small 70 cm 50 cm
Medium 70 cm 100 cm
Large 140 cm 100 cm

Q. Is it safe for your baby?
A. Yes, being made of baby-friendly breathable fabric, our bed protectors are safe on baby skin.
Q. Is it hygienic?
A. Yes, it’s highly hygienic. Our baby bed protectors are made of premium quality materials that are anti-allergenic & dust mites free.
Q. Is it machine-washable?
A. The fabric is durable and is machine washable.

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