Inky Blue - Ikkat Frock

With a variety of designs, ranging from a cute under the water theme to flowers and cartoons, Beelittle Frocks have been crafted with love and enthusiasm for new parents. Available in vibrant colors the Beelittle Frocks are a work of an artisan. Comfortable fit, organic materials, and not so tough on the pocket either. Dress the little one for an occasion or just use it as daily wear.

Whyย Beelittleโ€™s Ikkat Frocks should be the #1 choice for your baby:

  • Stitched to perfection
  • Seamless fit and playful designs
  • The perfect gift
  • Durable and eco-friendly material
  • Suitable for daily use and special occasions
  • Easy to wear
Length Chest
3-6 m 14.5 in 9.5 in
6-12 m 16 in 10.5 in
1-2 yr 17 in 11 in

๐Ÿโ€œYour clothes are highly comfortable for a hot & humid region like Chennai.โ€

๐Ÿโ€œThank you BeeLittle for a beautiful dress for my little princess PRANAVI. She wore it at her naming ceremony. Loved the fabricย ๐Ÿ˜. It made her so comfortable on her special day.โ€

๐Ÿโ€œVery comfortable frocks for my baby girl. Planning to buy the next set for 3 to 6 months.๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“โ€

๐Ÿโ€œTotally in love with the dress I ordered from BeeLittle for the summer. Your holding sheet has been useful & handy. I am glad I came across your shop. My little one has used all your products.ย ๐Ÿ˜Šโ€

๐Ÿโ€œIn love with your products. Expecting more & more prints soon.โ€

๐Ÿโ€œLoved the baby frock.ย โฃ๏ธโ€

Q. Is the material pure cotton?
A. Yes, it is.
Q. Is it suitable for both summer and winter?
A. It is 100% recommended for summers, however in winters, it canโ€™t withstand extreme colds.
Q. Wash care?
A. Wash with cold water and use mild detergents.
Q. Does the color fade off?
A. With fabrics like Ikat, to an agreeable level, color does fade.

We are overjoyed to express that:

  • Youย are selecting hand-crafted, nature-friendly products that are authentic.
  • With each purchase, you assist small and local businesses.
  • Our products are GOTS certified (Leading environmental standard for organic textile).
  • Each and every one of our products is manufactured in India.

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