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It’s a known fact that swaddling not only helps the baby against their natural startle reflex but also calms down the crankiness. When the baby gets anxious without you, swaddling imitates your touch and helps the baby self-soothe. But there is one downside to swaddling and that is sometimes the swaddles do not allow enough air to pass making it hot and uncomfortable for the little ones.

Beelittle Muslin Swaddles aims to change that. When swaddled with Muslin, it’s much more aerated than cotton and helps the baby sleep comfortably like the perfect little angels they are.

Why Beelittle’s Muslin Swaddle should be the #1 choice for your baby:

  • Breathable & ultra-soft
  • Gorgeous Prints
  • The best alternative for knitted hood towels
  • Feather-light & generously sized?
  • Anti-allergic & 100% FREE from chemicals
  • Premium organic cotton muslin
  • The perfect gift for newborns
Length Width
Swaddle 100 cm 100 cm

Q. What does swaddling mean?
A. Swaddling is a way of wrapping the baby, so he/she is comfortable.
Q. Are muslin specially made for babies?
A. Yes, muslin is a double-layered cotton fabric specially designed for the baby’s skin for utmost protection and comfort.
Q. How does swaddling help in making the baby sleep?
A. A proper swaddled baby feels cosy and feels the warmth of the mother’s womb. Thus getting a peaceful and sound sleep.
Q. How many months can we swaddle a baby till?
A. A baby can be swaddled until the age of 4-5 months.
Q. Do we need to cover the baby’s hands while swaddling?
A. Yes, it is highly recommended that the baby’s arms be swaddled.
Q.Can we swaddle babies after 5 months?
A. Yes, you can, but you need to leave the baby’s hands out of the swaddle.
Q. Are these swaddles multipurpose?
A. Yes, they can be used as swaddle towels, blankets, stroller blankets, and baby mats.
Q. How to use the swaddle after 5 months?
A. A swaddle is never a bad investment, as it has many uses.