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Meeting, your little one after 9 months of waiting can be thrilling. Those fresh moments of joy and life are priceless. Unfortunately, all this may sometimes be accompanied by some postpartum blues. Messy postpartum periods can be one of them.  Choosing the right maternity pad is the key to escape from any added discomfort. But, How? Beelittle is here to save you from the trouble of finding the right one! Here, comes the best quality cotton maternity pad – no plastics, no harmful additional fragrance, no itching! Organic and all-natural maternity pads to help you cross those chaotic days without a mess or a fuss! 

Why Beelittle’s Maternity pads should be the #1 choice of the baby?

  • Made of cotton
  • No plastics 
  • No additional fragrance
  • Safe for your delicate postpartum skin
  • Easy to put on
Length Width
Maternity Pad 16.5 in 3.5 in

Q. Is it safe to use?
A. Yes, it is made of organic cotton without any harmful substance.
Q. Will it be soft to wear?
A. Yes, it is.
Q. Will it be leak-proof?
A. Yes, it is perfectly leak-proof.

We are overjoyed to express that:

  • You are selecting hand-crafted, nature-friendly products that are authentic.
  • With each purchase, you assist small and local businesses.
  • Our products are GOTS certified (Leading environmental standard for organic textile).
  • Each and every one of our products is manufactured in India.

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