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Pretty Butterflies - Thottil starter kit

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Putting your minibee to sleep can be a pure breeze with this widely acclaimed traditional Thottil’s. This age-old grandma-approved method offers the ultimate cozy and warm feel of a mother’s womb. Nestled in the gentleness of pure organic fabrics, a Thottil takes the shape of the baby’s back giving them the calmest and most soothing sleep. Baby gets asleep and momma gets her rest win-win, isn’t it?

This is why Beelittle presents a super combo of Thottil and all its accessories in a single bundle. Get ready to rock-a-bye your baby to a peaceful sleep in no time with Beelittle Thottil kit.

Why Beelittle’s Thottil starter kit should be the #1 choice for your baby:

  • Complete kit for the starters
  • Super-soft and sturdy
  • Portable design
  • 100% safe from mosquitoes
  • Easy to install
  • The perfect gift for newborns
Length Width
Normal Thottil 3 m (tubular length) 45 in
Mosquito Net 1.8 m 37 in
Steel Chain 4 ft
Neem Separator Stick 20 in 2.5 in

Q. Are these safe for babies?
A. Yes, our Thottil’s are made of 100% breathable cotton fabric and are safe for babies.
Q. Are the edges open?
A. No, the edges are attached to make the circular cloth easy to hang from a hook.
Q. Can I use it just like that or should I need stitching?
A. The Thottil’s are ready to be used.
Q. Does it come along with a mosquito net?
A. No, you have to buy mosquito nets separately.
Q. Do I need a hook in the wall ceiling to fix it?
A. Yes, you will need a hook to hang the Thottil’s.
Q. Do I need a steel chain to hang it with the hook?
A. Yes, it depends on the height of the ceiling.
Q. How many kg’s does it hold?
A. A Thottil can safely hold up to 15 kg’s.
Q. Till how many months can I use the Thottil?
A. You can use them till the baby outgrows the size of it.
Q. Is the separator stick mandatory?
A. No, it is an added advantage as it can allow more air to pass through.
Q. Do I need to rock the baby once I put him inside?
A. It depends; few babies might not need rocking.
Q. Can it be used for everyday purposes?
A. Yes, it is made for daily use.
Q. Can babies feel hot inside the Thottil?
A. No, it allows enough air to pass through, so babies get a peaceful sleep.

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