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Spring Morning - Feeding Apron

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Ever handled a hungry baby wailing to feed in public places? As a breastfeeding mom, you know perfectly well that nothing other than the feed will soothe them. While feeding in public is increasingly becoming a norm, many still prefer to cover the babies while feeding. But, do you know covering up with your dress or a regular towel may not be comfortable in the slightest for your precious baby?

This is why, Beelittle brings you the safe & soft Feeding Apron, exclusively designed to make feeding in public comfortable for you and your baby! Being made of organic cotton fabric, it is breathable giving a good airflow for the baby. The simple design helps you wear & use with ease – anywhere, anytime.

Why Beelittle’s Feeding Apron should be the #1 choice for you?

  • Breathable organic cotton fabric
  • Easy to wear
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Charming prints

Q. Is it safe for the baby?
A. Yes, safe and comfortable for the baby as it is super breathable.
Q. Can we wear it over any outfit?
A. Yes, the apron can be easily worn over any outfit.
Q. Is it machine washable?
A. Yes, made of cotton fabric, it can be washed both in hands and in a machine.

We are overjoyed to express that:

  • You are selecting hand-crafted, nature-friendly products that are authentic.
  • With each purchase, you assist small and local businesses.
  • Our products are GOTS certified (Leading environmental standard for organic textile).
  • Each and every one of our products is manufactured in India.

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