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Advice for the Parents

We know that all the newly stamped mommies and daddies are attending the school of parenting every single day trying to learn their new job role. They learn from the internet (already on article number 345, aren’t you?), from their parents, relatives, neighbours, friends and sometimes from a random woman in the mall. 

We know it’s not easy to decide on what is best for your sweetums, you always feel underprepared and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices. At  Beelittle we would try our best to assist you to make that choice in an informed manner. 


There are a few aspects that you need to keep in mind while choosing the right muslin cloth for your tiny tot. 

Ensure that the fabric is extremely smooth and not coarse or rough, this is an indicator that the threads used are of premium quality and are neither too thin nor too fat. Avoid using products with too much sizing and fabric finish as it often makes the Muslin stiff. 

Though a little expensive than regular fabrics, it is any day a better choice because of its quality and benefits. The value addition is truly much more in return to what you spend. 

If you still are sceptical and want to understand the difference, we have a little exercise you can do. When you go shopping the next time, just practice feeling fabrics of various qualities. This would help you get used to the feel of good or bad fabric, and you will automatically be able to determine its quality range. 

At Beelittle we offer you with one of the best muslin product ranges. Choose without any inhibitions. 

Muslin Wipes

Beelittle Muslin Wipes are 100% anti-bacterial and skin-friendly. Super-soft, breathable and absorbent, our wipes are made of dual-layered cotton fabrics. Due to its premium quality, the fabric stays soft and fresh even after several washes. 

Crafted with utmost care and love, Beelittle Muslin Wipes goes the extra mile than the traditional options by using only the SOFTEST &  finest fabrics for your mini-me. We can’t imitate a mother’s touch but our Belittle Muslin Wipes are as close as it could be.

Muslin Hood Towels

Beelittle Muslin Hooded Towels are authentically created using only the most natural, chemical-free, softest and strongest muslin. The towel will never cause any irritation to the baby’s fragile skin and at the same time the gorgeous designs, durable built and vibrant colours make them an ideal gift as well. The softness is retained even after multiple washes and makes the towel perfect for a long term use. 

The well-thought design with the hood gives the baby’s head extra layer of support, makes the towel incredibly handy and versatile; use them as a towel, blanket, swaddle, travel wraps, playmat and much more.  A must-have for your little one, Beelittle Muslin Hood Towels are a delicate delight and a perfect partner in all of your adventures.  

Our other muslin product ranges include:-

1. Muslin Jablas

2. Muslin Nappies

3. Muslin Mittens

4. Muslin Booties

5. Muslin Towels

6. Muslin Swaddles

7. Muslin Blankets

8. Muslin Burp cloths


It’s a known fact that swaddling not only helps the baby against their natural startle reflex or Moro reflex, where their arms suddenly move out to the sides and then around but also calms down the crankiness.  

When the baby gets anxious without you, swaddling imitates your touch and helps the baby self-soothe.  

Babies up to 1 year of age should always be placed on their back to sleep during naps and at night. However, if your baby has rolled from their back to the side or stomach on their own, they can be left in that position if they are already able to roll from tummy to back and back to tummy.

Cotton Poplin Fabrics

Confused about how to select the right cotton fabric? Let us shed you some light on it. 

The perfect cotton fabric would be extremely super soft and delicate. It wouldn’t cause any irritation, scratches or wounds on even the most sensitive skins. It’s breathable and absorbs sweat quite efficiently. 

With a newborn, things will always be on the messier side and hence you need a fabric that is quick to dry. The babies need to be constantly changed and if the clothes can’t keep up, you would probably need an infinite wardrobe, which is definitely not an option. Lightweight cotton fabrics hands down take the trophy home in this matter. Highly absorbent and super gentle against the vulnerable skin on the baby, cotton fabric is an absolute favourite of mommies. 

Also, babies and toddlers often have allergies or specific skin conditions which can be aggravated by rough and/or synthetic fabrics, heavy dyes and chemicals.    

Using organic cotton is the safest way to ensure that children will be much more comfortable and their delicate skin wouldn’t have to go through the harshness of synthetic fabrics.  

Beelittle offers a wide range of organic cotton products


Thottils/ hammocks are definitely not a new concept but a widely acclaimed traditional method for putting the little ones to a calm sleep. Thottils give the tiny ones a snuggly feeling that imitates the mother’s womb, a feeling that cribs and beddings cannot replicate. This warm and personal feeling soothes the baby and helps them sleep better. The rocking movement of the Thottil also helps ease up the crankiness. Better sleep, happy baby, happy you. 

Our Thottils/hammocks provide a comforting and cosy feeling for your newborn to sleep in. Our fabrics allow enough circulation of air and help regulate the baby’s body temperature. 

Cotton wrap beds

Beelittle Cotton Wrap Bed is an in-house innovation and first of its kind product in India.  According to experts, poly stuffing causes heat retention and thereby raises the baby’s body temperature to uncomfortable and unhealthy levels, resulting in disturbed sleep cycles. 

Beelittle Cotton Wrap beds tackle the issue with its 100% voile cotton layers that only get more snug after each wash. Perfect for any weather, the Cotton Wrap Bed comes with a hood that is perfectly designed to provide extra head coverage and keep the little ones warm and snuggly. 

Holding sheets/Receiving blankets

An in-house innovation of Beelittle, the receiving sheets are first of their kind in India. Receiving sheets are very thin blankets that can be used for a variety of purposes during early infancy. Comparatively smaller than standard swaddling blankets, they often are outgrown by the little ones rather quickly, however, they still can serve as a lovie or security blanky for your tiny munchkin. 

Given the challenge with the smaller size of receiving sheets, we created the generous sized Cotton Holding Sheet that serves the same purpose but can be used for a longer period of time. These sheets are stuffed with thin cotton layers and hence it is quite breathable, which doesn’t cause any overheating for the little ones. 

These sheets can be used in multiple manners ranging from holding sheets to blankets, to towels to much more.


Dressing a tiny little baby may seem really fun to imagine, and it is truly fun, but it is not entirely challenge free. You need to keep a lot of things in mind to ensure that it’s an enjoyable experience for your little one as well. 

We know baby clothes are really really cute and while the vibrant colours and quirky prints may draw you to the racks but before you make your final decision, stop and think about safety, comfort, practicality, durability and maintenance. Oh, and you probably want to consider the price, too. Just be sure to wash everything first, the true quality is soon revealed after the first wash. 

You would also want to consider the ease with which you dress your baby. Putting on a set of clothes on a hyperactive and wiggly little kiddo could be a bit of a struggle. 

We have a few tips you could use that would make dressy times quite a breeze.

  • Using wide necks or snaps at the neck can make dressing a bit easier. 
  • If you choose clothes that are pulled over the head, try and dress the baby swiftly because the little ones panic when their breathing is blocked or when they are unable to see you. 
  • Snaps and zippers to the front are a lot easier to put on as compared to the ones on the back. 
  • Try and dress the little munchkins in loose sleeves or in sleeveless clothes as they are much more convenient to pull on and off than the tight ones. 
  • Snaps or clothes with easy openings around the bottom can assist in the quicker and easier change of the diapers since you don’t really have to take the entire attire off. 

Choose easy washable options.

With so much going on, you would definitely overwhelm yourself further if you do not select products that are easily washable and do not require a whole set of instructions just to survive. Buying machine washable clothes would help you save time and energy rather than hand-washing or ironing. 

Clothes that are made from 100% cotton are extremely ideal since they are comfortable, durable and very convenient to wash and easy to dry. 

Always plan ahead, it will save you a lot of hassle. Babies grow differently, some babies never fit into the newborn size, while others may even outgrow clothes for a 3-month-old, in just a month. Our suggestion would be to buy items in the 6 months to 1-year size. Even if it’s slightly big for your baby, don’t worry, the tiny one will soon grow into it. It’s also not advisable to purchase seasonal clothes like swimsuits or winter coats well in advance as it is impossible to predict the growth rate of your baby.

Beelittle’s cotton essentials range includes:-

  1. Dohars
  2. Blankets
  3. Frocks
  4. Shirts
  5. Reversible masks
  6. Kapok silk cotton bed sets

Quality Matters 

Each and every Beelittle product is hand-crafted with the utmost passion and devotion. This not only ensures that the products are of optimum quality but also each piece becomes unique in itself. 

Our products are created only with natural and 100% organic cotton materials that are hypoallergenic, chemical-free and best suited for the sensitive skin of babies. 

Being mothers ourselves, we understand what new moms go through and hence each of our products is of optimum quality, we even use it for our own kids. We are very careful with the fabrics and ensure that it is durable and soft for the longest time possible.

At Beelittle, we are committed to quality, we analyse and fix any inaccuracy rather quickly. It’s our mission to make quality an integral part of our company culture.