Zig Zag Zoo - Bed with Net

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Set of baby sleeping mattress with mosquito net. Made from cotton material with an easily foldable and lightweight design, making it easy to carry while traveling. Easy zipper to build-up the net with two arched support that holds the net wide and to keep it down when required.

Length Width
Bed with Net 35 in 20 in

Q. What kind of stuffing is used for the cotton wrap beds?
A. Beelittle’s Cotton Wrap Beds are made up of 100% cotton fabric layer fillings, which makes them extra comfortable for babies.
Q. Does the cotton wrap bed have a Velcro closure?
A. Not at all, our cotton wrap beds do not have any Velcro closures.
Q. Is the cotton wrap bed machine-washable?
A. Yes, the cotton wrap beds are 100% machine-washable.
Q. Can we use it to wrap a 6-month-old baby?
A. No, Beelittle cotton wrap beds are perfect for a newborn baby wrap and but in the case of older kids they can be used as a thin bed.
Q. Can it be used as a carry nest?
A. Absolutely, yes, it can be used as a carry nest.
Q. Does the filling generate heat while the babies are wrapped in it or laying on it?
A. No, since the cotton wrap beds have a cotton layer stuffing, it’s quite breathable and hence doesn’t generate heat at all.

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