Zoo Party - Newborn Organic Muslin Mittens

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Remember the first time the little one held your finger and you just melted into a puddle. The tiny little fingers and the cute little palms, oh how it induced ooh and aahs so effortlessly. Wouldn’t you do anything to keep them safe and comfortable? We would too!

From the baby adoring creative studio of Beelittle, we bring to you original Muslin Mittens. Super soft and stitched with all our love, the Muslin Mittens are breathable ensuring that the tiny hands are as comfortable and warm as possible. Also, they just look so cute on the tinsy tiny hands. You want them, don’t you!

Why Beelittle’s Muslin Mittens should be the #1 choice for your baby:

  • Super soft muslin cotton material
  • Lightweight & durable
  • 100% original & the finest Muslin Fabric
  • 100% Pure Breathable Cotton
  • The perfect gift for newborns

Q. Can it be used for a newborn?
A. Yes, these are designed for newborns and children up to 5 years of age.
Q. How many months can this be used till?
A. Our Mittens can be used for up to 3 months.
Q. Does it generate heat?
A. No, it is made of breathable muslin which does not generate heat.
Q. Is the elastic soft on the baby’s skin?
A. Yes, it is. It has inner elastic which will not be in direct contact, so it won’t be hard or rough on the baby’s skin.

We are overjoyed to express that:

  • You are selecting hand-crafted, nature-friendly products that are authentic.
  • With each purchase, you assist small and local businesses.
  • Our products are GOTS certified (Leading environmental standard for organic textile).
  • Each and every one of our products is manufactured in India.

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